General Contracting

EBI as general contractor is responsible for the means and methods to be used during the construction of the project in accordance with the contract documents. The contract documents usually include;

  1. The contract agreement, including budget
  2. General and Special Conditions
  3. The plans and specifications of the project that are prepared by an architect or design professional.

Under the general contractor method, the owner hires the architect to not only design the project, but to conduct site inspections, review pay requests, and assist in resolving any conflicts.

Construction Management

Functioning first as a consultant to the owner in the development and design phases of a project, EBI then assumes the risk for price and schedule once the price has been established. Whether owners are private or public, CM projects benefit from EBI's, knowledge and experience long before construction begins. EBI, working with the owner and architect, can help guide material selection, be involved in layout, and review for constructability issues before they become construction problems. Owners appreciate that a CM approach typically results in better subcontractors, fewer conflicts and delays, and higher quality than competitive public bidding often brings. The CM approach also allows for the project to begin construction before the plans are complete, thus shortening the schedule.


Design-Build contracts provide a single point responsibility. In a design-build system, the owner enters into a single contract with EBI to both design and construct the building. EBI will hire architects or engineers, but such design professionals are directly responsible to EBI, not the owner.

The design-build system also increases the likelihood that the building will be constructed within the owners' budget. EBI can provide pricing and information regarding construction methods and is able to conduct value engineering and constructability analysis from the start.

Design-Build projects are often completed sooner and are more flexible than traditional projects. EBI can start construction before the final design is complete, we can provide early project scheduling, and can order long lead items at the earliest possible point in the project.

General Contracting
Construction Management
"My most recent experience with the General Contracting services provided by Enfield Builders is with the new Campus Police Facility at Eastern State University. This highly technical, 7,890 s.f., $2.7 million construction project has been handled with professional care from all of the assigned staff at Enfield Builders.”